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I was lucky to have parents who both loved to read and gave that love to me. I even remember the day I learned to read.It felt like a miracle. There is no day without reading and I am an eclectic reader I am told. I read , Literary,Contemporary,Classics,Chick Lit, Historical Fiction but I also love non fiction. Perhaps i should write which genre I do not read which is Cheap romance, western and detectives come to mind.

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Justice Delayed: The Catherine Janet Walsh Story by Steve Hallock (2015-06-16)
Steve Hallock

5 star book I must read again.

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster - Jon Krakauer

How I loved this book.After reading Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven I wanted to try some more books by this great author. Got myself this book and I was right, he did not disappoint me.


The thing is, it has been too long and I am going to read it again very soon. 

The Summer I Died: The Roger Huntington Saga, Book 1 - Ryan C Thomas

Hello. Wow what a book. I finished it yesterday afternoon. Normally I do not read during the day but sorry Olympic games, I had to know the end of this book.

Too bad that I do not remember who suggested this book to me. even checked out the latest reviews but did not see anyone having written a review for it in the last month or so. What I do know is that I found this book on goodreads.

The only thing I knew because of the title and the beginning that it would be a scary book. Well to be honest in the beginning the first 1/4th began very slow. It is that I knew something would happen that I kept on reading and oh boy something did happen.

From one minute to the next I was whipped into hell and I wish I could say and back but that back took a very long time. Now I can tell you what happened but I am not going to.
Best way to read this book is not knowing. I do have to warn future readers, make sure you have a stabilized stomach cause this book can make you do puky.

Now I should give it 4 stars because of the slowness of the beginning but thanks to that slow start what happens makes even more of an impact so it was perfect. (Only thing did not like was the last sentence. It was not really necessary.